Monday, January 21, 2013

Cakes & I

Talking about my dreams. I actually owned this one dream. To have the actual cakes & bakery business and maybe run it with my mum or sister(s). It started when I was still in primary school that mum used to sell cakes for hari raya or chinese new year festivals for customers at our place. Mostly her friends, friends of friends. Mum doing it because she herself enjoys it, i bet and to earn extra income for family. For many years it was and till this moment that me and my sisters all knew & had learnt the skills of baking/steaming cakes from mum. Thanks mum! 

We still taking orders but usually during festival seasons only. But me myself & am pretty sure my sisters as well do fell in love with what we are doing. Dari kecik lagi dh belajar carik duit, jual karipap & donut around my residential area, sampai kena kejar dgn anjing.:P
Balik kampung, tolong nenek jual rambutan keliling kampung & penah jual ikan terubok masin juak pusing kampung. Together with our cousin.

Very much appreciate the experiences that we had gained which, you can't learn it from school. From university nowadays, YES! Memang ada kelas keusahawanan. :) Back to my focus, i hope to achieve this another one dream of mine as i love seeing all those beautiful decorated cakes & do enjoy eating them as well. But now, i have to finish my study first before come out and making life :) //gambatte kudasai!

The enjoyful moment is when your customer(s) is satisfied with what you've made & they repeat buying. Alhamdulillah.

p/s: Just sharing what i love <3 ^^

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